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Administration Section
• To manage administrative matters of the department;
• To strategically plan and review human resource management such as recruitment, human resource development and training programme, promotion and performance management;
• To provide and review updated records on various human resource information;
• To manage effectively the general staff welfare such as salary, leave application, retirement, and performance appraisal.

Finance Section
• To process all financial matters including salaries of the department’s officers and staffs, loans, allowances and others.
• To process payments of financial transaction of sales and purchases of goods and services.
• To review financial management of the department in accordance to the Financial Regulation 1983.
• To prepare and monitor the utilization of the department’s annual budget.
• To prepare and monitor the budget under the National Development Plan (Rancangan Kemajuan Negara - RKN).

Procurement Section
• To process application for registration for new suppliers.
• To manage and process applications received from the Ministries and Government Departments for the supply of office furniture, office equipments and stationeries
• To manage and process applications received from the Ministries and Departments for the repair of damaged office supplies (provided by the department).