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AS PART of efforts to strengthen the supply of rice in the country, the Department of Supply and State Stores under the Ministry of Finance has appointed a new company to supply fragrant rice (Beras Wangi) to Brunei.

The Department of Supply and State Stores has appointed CP Intertrade Company Ltd from Thailand to supply the fragrant rice for a one-year period.

The contract to purchase 3,003 metric tonnes of Thai Hom Mali was inked between both parties on July 9, 2013, and the first shipment was received in August 2013. Under the agreement, CP Intertrade Company Limited will supply the fragrant rice for a probationary period of one year.

Supply and State Stores Department Director Pengiran Haji Mohd Noordin bin PLP Pg Haji Mohd Said pointed this out during a press conference yesterday.

He explained that the fragrant rice exported by the appointed company is of the same quality and type as the ones supplied by Brusiam Food Alliance Company Limited.

“The rice imported from this new supplier is Thai Hom Mali, the same as what is being sold at department and retail stores at the moment.

“The department is very concerned with the food security of the country, especially when it comes to rice. As rice is a staple food for the population, we need to diversify and strengthen our supply.

“We cannot depend heavily on only one company. In case the supply is limited or can’t be delivered, at least we have other alternatives.

“So far we have inked contracts with Thailand and Vietnam to supply fragrant rice. Soon we will have another new rice supplier.

“Diversifying and strengthening our food security is crucial as our population is increasing and the demand is very high – especially during festive seasons, weddings and so on.

“In one year, the department supplies a total of 30,000 metric tonnes of fragrant rice for domestic consumption.

“However, as for the Siam Rice (Beras Siam) and Glutinous Rice (Beras Pulut) supply, we will maintain the same company – Brusiam Food Alliance Company Limited,” he explained.

The director also explained that the packaging and design of the 10-kilogramme and 50-kilogramme fragrant rice are similar to those provided now.

The only difference will be the labelling of the company’s name, which will be stamped on the packaging.The price for the fragrant rice supplied by CP Intertrade Co Ltd is $12.50 per 10kg and has been made available to the public as of yesterday.


Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin, october 16, 2013