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Energy Saving Briefing



Energy Saving briefing was held on Wednesday, 10 June 2015M corresponding to 23 Sya’ban 1436H at the Theatre Hall, 1st Floor, Building Ministry of Finance. The briefing was attended by the officers and staff working in the Ministry of Finance.

 The purpose of the briefing is to explain about the introduction of the new electricity tariff, the installation of prepaid meters and energy saving discussion with officers and staff who attended the briefing. The new tariff structure aims to be progressive rather than regressive while promoting energy saving.

Briefing on the energy saving was delivered by Awang Abdul Salam bin Haji Abdul Wahab, Head of Energy Efficiency and Conservation (EEC) and Renewable Energy (RE) at  Prime Minister’s Office and the explanation on the purchasing of prepaid credit was delivered by Awang Haji Sabtu bin Haji Shahminan of Department of Electrical Services.

Also presented in this briefing is a fraction of the energy consumption of electrical appliances in government buildings and residential area.  The briefing also highlighted the main benefits of saving electricity and energy audit.

At the end of the presentation, a question and answer session was conducted to officers and staff in attendance. Many questions about the new tariffs of electricity and the purchase of prepaid credit proposed. Among the questions raised were about the calculation of kWh for each purchased prepaid credit at the beginning of each month.

This event was co-organised by the Building Facility Unit and Public Relations Unit, Administration Division, Ministry of Finance.