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State-of-art Customs Control Post at Sungai Tujoh begins operations

THE new Customs Control Post at Sungai Tujoh has officially started operations November 14, 2015.


The state-of-the-art facilities at the post are expected to better the flow of traffic coming in from Malaysia, according to an expert.

  Unlike the previously used checkpoint, the new facility has four lanes for ordinary vehicles and another four for commercial vehicles.


  Speaking to the Sunday Bulletin at the post, Haji Abdul Khalid bin Haji Abdul Halim, Acting Deputy Controller of Customs, explained that the facility – the first of its kind in the Sultanate – is designed to enable the Royal Customs and Excise Department to carry out its duties more efficiently.


  He said that the lanes “have ample space for officers to carry out inspection”, adding that the 150-metre distance from the immigration check point is more than enough for cars to travel with lesser chances of congestion, especially during peak season.


  “With the distance and the added efficiency due to adequate spacing and more lanes, the rate of cars passing through will increase and this will reduce the average waiting time for drivers,” the acting deputy director said.


  If there is a need to inspect the vehicles thoroughly, they will be transferred to a nearby block which specialises in inspection, he added.


  “This will enable the enforcement personnel to carry out their duties better without the risk of putting the traffic flow to a standstill.”


  When asked if the old facilities will still be in use, the official said, “Yes we are still using it, but only for the outgoing vehicles into Sarawak whereas the checkpoint for incoming vehicles is no longer operational.”

The acting deputy director urged drivers to follow the rules and regulations and refer to the sign boards while approaching the facility to help ease the operations of the Royal Customs and Excise Department.


[Courtesy: Borneo Bulletin, 15 November 2015]