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More lanes opened for commercial vehicles at Sg Tujoh

THE new customs and excise lanes at the Sungai Tujoh Control Post which started operations yesterday are hoped to further bolster trade between Brunei and neighbouring territories, said a senior customs official.


  Acting Deputy Controller of the Royal Customs and Excise Department Hj Abd Khalid Hj Abdul Halim, said that this was amongst the main objectives for opening the lanes - to accomodate more commercial vehicles needing inspection.



  “At the old building, we only had one commercial vehicle lane... Now we are able to cater to more as there are four lanes open to commercial vehicles,” he said.


  According to Hj Abd Khalid, the new control post has an inspection bay, which is hoped to ease the flow of traffic better.


  “There would not be any need to inspect these vehicles on the spot anymore... so if officers on duty sees that a vehicle needs inspection, they may be diverted to the inspection bay.”


  He said that conducting the inspection at the bay saves time for commercial vehicles to transfer their goods to their correspondence in the country.


  “Without the facility, it would be difficult for us to attract foreign investors as they may not find it convenient to do business in the country.


  “So hopefully, once they see that we can offer them faster service, they will be more encouraged to come to Brunei,” he said.


  Meanwhile, for private vehicles, the acting deputy controller said that they would have to go through a separate side, which also has four lanes.


  “It would also be easier for them because the lane is now bigger. We hope that this will ease traffic,” he said.


  “But right now as you see, the traffic flow is very smooth, and it is also easier for our customs officers to conduct their inspections,” he said.


  Hj Abd Khalid also said that they will keep monitoring and improving the facilities.



[Courtesy: Brunei Times, 15 November 2015]