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MoF holds ‘Ease of Doing Business’ roadshow in Tutong

THE Ministry of Finance (MoF) held its Ease of Doing-Business Roadshow in Tutong District on September 14. The roadshow, also participated by various regulatory agencies, was held at the hall of the official residence of the Tutong District Officer.
The next roadshow is scheduled to be held at Pekan Bangar Community Hall, Temburong on September 21.
The objective of the roadshow was to create awareness and better understanding about the reforms that the MoF has implemented to support the ease of doing business in areas such as facilitating trading across borders, the provision of laws pertaining to the Protection of Minority Investors, Changes to the Payment of Taxes, the Process of Resolving Company Insolvency and the Process of Starting a Business.
In this regard, all members of the public especially business owners are welcome to visit such roadshow that is participated by the Treasury Department, Royal Customs and Excise Department, Employees Trust Fund, Revenue Division and Registry of Companies and Business Names Division. Also participating are other relevant agencies such as Ease of Doing Business Unit at the Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ports Department, Postal Services Department and DARE (Darussalam Enterprise).
Visitors can also use this opportunity to obtain further information about the services and improvements made by the MoF and the agencies involved in the roadshow.