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  • Ministries and government departments who wish to apply to write-off their assets must submit their application for inspection to:


  • Various authorities that issue the Technical Inspection Report (T.I.R) before the application of write-off is submitted are as follows :-

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  • Non-technical assets such as books, office furniture and flags do not require any technical inspection report.

• Write-off government assets:

  • According to the Financial Regulations 305, the disposal of government assets can be carried out using any of the following methods:
    • Auction
    • Open/Close tender
    • Disposal of assets can be either distributed to government departments.
    • Distributed to the Public Works Department sold as scrapped metal.
    • Books such as the Quran and the national flags will be disposed by burning.

• Witnesses to the disposal of government assets:

  • According to the Financial Regulations 567, at least two witnesses (one member from the Board of Inspection and one representative of the government departments applying for the write-off) must attend to the disposal.
  • The signatures of these witnesses must be required in the declaration form before  submitting to the Board of Inspection.
  • The copy of the declaration form and relevant documents should also be sent to:
    • Accountant General
    • Auditor General
    • Chairman of Board of Inspection

Write-Off Government assets Process:
• The relevant documents that are required for the application to write-off of government assets are as follows :-
   o Technical items: 
      i. List of items;
      ii. Photos of items;
      iii. Technical Inspection Report.

   o Non-Technical items:
      i. List of items;
      ii. Photos of items.

   o Write-off government buildings/properties
      i. Application must be submitted to the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Development     for approval before submitting to the Board of Survey.