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  • Open Tender
  • Selective Tender
  • Waiver of Normal Tender Procedure
  • Quotation


Open Tender
Invitations of tender that is published and widely distributed to obtain a reasonable and competitive price for cost-saving purposes to the Government.

Selective Tender
Invitations of tender for specialized supplies or services whereby selected companies are acknowledged to be capable of delivering the supplies or services required. The Head of Department should first request approval from STB by listing the selected companies.

Waiver of Normal Tender Procedure
For urgently needed supplies or services as well as for software license renewal needed for the core system that is not done by Open Tender. This can only be awarded to vendors offering specialize products or specialize work. State Tender Board / Mini Tender Board should advise any ministry or department to open any invitation of tenders by getting the best possible price without making any of the participating companies as total monopoly.

For supplies or services valued between $2,000.00 and $50,000.00 subject to approval by the Head of Department. Quotations from at least three qualified tenderers.